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Boy, Is this journal Lively

Well... Hmm.. Just in case anyone ever reads these I'll be here to post The turn out for the Street Fair In Bakersfield California.

The Al Robbins Chapter started to set up the display at 5:45 at that time only perhaps 2/3rds of the reptiles listed were set up.. during the entire show many more joined.

Tons of Red tails
3 Ball pythons
2 Carpet pythons
1 Rosy boa
1 Mexican Black King
2 Western Hognose
2 Gopher Snake
1 Burmese :)
2 Beardies
4 Rescued Leopards
1 western fence lizard
1 Corn Snake
1 Milk Snake
1 Sidewinder
(Well he wasn't part of the show.. but a keeper walked around with one around his neck.. in Blue eye no less.. it had no venom glands.. but imagine two 1" fangs in your arm.. the thing must have been through at least 20 sheds with all the rattles)
1 Nile Monitor
1 Frilled Dragon It displayed when it tried to scare off the monitor (placed a cage away)
1 Green Iggy 10 years old
1 Cuban Iggy 7-8 years old
1 Rhino Iggy 12 years old (wow.. someone who kept it since an IRBA show 12 years ago.. such a nice Rhino too.. wow)
1 Gator Skink
1 Pancake turtle
1 Linear albino Kingsnake

I brought the Burmese Python and one of the Bearded Dragons.

I was suprised to see no Chameleons, but then I doubt it would be easy to keep a chameleon from wilting/stressing out in the weather and with all the people.

We ended at 9:30, over the time we had many people come in and enjoy the displays.. I learned a lot about frilled dragons and rhino iguanas from their keepers. it was an awesome time, can't wait for the next one in August

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and you can check out our website on the sidebar.
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