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Heyas! I was looking around for advice on my beardies and I figured this would be the place to ask!
I'll post the question behind a cut just in case this is a breech of ettiqute (however that's spelled :p )

Allright, so I'm going off to college, and guess what? No pets -_-
not even reptiles- I cant hide them in my dorm because it's too small and even if it were bigger, I'm an art student and I'd be working with some fairly caustic materials that would hurt their respiratory system pretty bad. Fortunatly, my aut loves my dragons as much as I do and is more than happy to take them for the college years- she even went out and bought a tank and several heavy duty books on the lizzies before it was cemented that they were going to her, so I know she'd be a good home. The only problem is this; the airlines wont take anything but seeing eye dogs on planes nowadays, and I wont be able to drive them up there. The distance isnt that far, she lives in NH in Derry, close to the vermont state line, and I live in Maryland...what I've been considering is getting them to her the same way they got to me from the breeders, which was by FedEx overnight... Of course, they were hatchlings then, and now they are an adult pair, so I dont know how the logistics work on that.
anyway- if you guys have a better idea or tips, please let me know. sorry to interupt you, I know it must sound grotesque, thank you for your time.
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